Mission Statement

We strive in any circumstances to nurture the creative core of every student, believing that creativity needs solid means to express itself. So, on an individual basis, we tailor education in its complete array of options to the need of each student at any given period of her/ his development. We teach with clarity, passion, patience, enthusiasm and a profound attention to the individual needs of each student.

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to revitalize the teaching of the technical skills necessary to allow the student painter to satisfy the non negotiable need of the individual for creativity. The training provided by the CAP is based on the observation and study of Nature: be it the human form, arrangements of objects, or the natural state of the landscape. Our foundation is the great body of knowledge accumulated and handed down to us as a constant source of inspiration and guidance by our own teachers and their tradition as well as the painters of the past. The Academy will build upon that foundation, adding appropriate modern discoveries to increase the range and scope of our creative efforts..


The Academy presents workshops, classes and consultations to lay people, student and professional artists who desire to experience and communicate these values. In the past, the Academy has curated group exhibits by over 15 artists presenting 130 pieces of work in community facilities, and has been associated with local museums such as the Triton museum to host a group exhibition for our advanced Plein Air painters. Every year in July, at the height of the lavender season, we offer a total immersion 2 week Plein Air painting workshop in Provence to paint the lavender fields and medieval hilltop villages.  For more information please visit the Provence pages, where you can take a virtual tour of our Provence workshop, read the testimonials from our students, register for a local class, leave us a message and keep being engaged with this dedicated and welcoming group of artists.