This Blog is inspired by a journey in the world of Plein Air painting. Following my father's and my grand father's tradition, I have been painting since 1982. I paint both in France, my native country, where I return every year, for long painting expeditions and in the United States where I live the rest of the year. My purpose is to share with you the excitement of this adventure and the profound and mystical character of paintings created directly from Nature. I also want to share with my students observations and deeper thoughts on the painting process and how it allows a personal awakening of one Self, using painting as an evolutionary path. As we encounter ourselves in the choices we make, we can be clearer as to who we are through the process of expressing beauty.


The reason we become artists is to be "incomparable."
That is why generations of musicians have created unforgettable music that makes us cry, actors have incarnated so many facets of themselves on stage, pouring their guts in public in a scream and in a whisper, great singers, so sensuous a voice that vibrates inside of them, sculptors have challenged pink marble with a ridiculous hammer, dancers twist their body with inner fire and passion beyond pure human shape and acrobats put their life on the line. Literally.
All of them, and so many more, have claimed and rightly so, a right to express themselves with that inner voice. The voice coming from inside that holds the key to our dreams.
They claim the right to express themselves with the tone, the impulse, the intensity that will carry the exact emotion, for one reason:
To be incomparable
So, tell me, why is it that we spend most of our time in the business of art, comparing ourselves in that range of artist: our peers?
I paint better than Mary, but not as well as Susan. He is more successful than I am, I am more successful than he is, and on and on it goes.
So daily, going about our business, we agree to compare ourselves. It is reassuring to have a place in the rank, it anchors us, gives us hope and perspective and a sense of achievement. It is useful, really, in so many ways.
It is also depressing as we cannot help but wonder why he is more successful than I am when I paint better than he does?
Those are the taboo questions of the comparable artist.
I have done this for a good thirty years - and then, something happened, out of the blue.  My voice changed. I started to paint more of who I am inside, painting my energy and my love of the medium more intuitively. Giving myself the gift of joy, excitement and a sense of adventure while painting, just like when I started in the first place, and did not know any better.
I was innocent and grateful for everything coming to me.
And suddenly, after thirty years of practice, I was innocent, grateful, incomparable again.
There is nobody I can compare too. No one is doing what I do, or so I feel.
Freedom has returned to my heart, painting gives me so much energy, gives me a reason to work hard, to spend time at the easel, painting is in my dreams, exciting and beautiful.
So it has become very simple: they like it or they don't.
It does not matter to me, it is OK not to like what I do. Enough people love it and tell me so with enthusiasm. So when I encounter the one who does not like my work, I will be OK. It has become a simple choice, and the taste of the viewer is not a commentary on my personal values, my vision or my talent.
I am incomparable, because I am a real artist, deep down inside all the way up to heaven .