Oil Material List


There is several sources of panels to travel abroad.
Panels of quality also have to be light, as weight is a main consideration when flying.
You can use Ray Mar panels at www.raymarart.com. These are good quality but more expensive.

Other Panel Options

A very simple and affordable option is to use the Fredrix canvases.
What ever your choice is, if you have other preferences, it is better to choose a standard size and
paint that one size for the entire time.
You have to take home wet panels and carry them in your car every day, they should be the same
size. By mid workshop, most of the paintings from the previous week are already dry enough and certainly
at the end of the workshop half of your paintings will be dry enough to travel safely , wrapped in wax
paper. You still have some wet paintings to take back home with you in the wet panel carrier.

Carrying Box

Our preference goes to the light and sturdy box made by Artwork essentials. It has adjustable storage and is easy to carry. It is also a very competitive price.
www.artworkessentials.com Tel: 1 949 856 2196
Speaking of carrying, we love their backpack. It is very well done to store their equipment(pochade, tripod, wet panels box )  andcomfortable to carry around.
When traveling it is a good idea to keep everything compact together and this backpack is marvelous.

Ray Mar also has a wet panels box, very light, not as solid . We had some problems with this box with the separators ungluing.
It is OK without strain, but not the case when traveling. However some people like this case for its light weight.

You have to make a comparative study to suit your personal needs. It is preferable to carry your wet panel carrier with some boards in it, with you in the carry on luggage if you can. Otherwise bubble wrap it, these things are not undestructible.
In the Provence workshop you can expect to paint about 25 oil paintings or more, depending on your speed and proficency.

Other mediums

In addition to oil painting we will do tons of drawings and some watercolor sketches. You need a sketch book, about 6 x 8, smooth paper and prismacolor black pencil. We do a lot of exercises and sketching all through the workshop.
We try to use every moment in Provence dedicated to art. You can also use this sketchbook as a journal, as many people have done in the past.
If your medium of choice is pastel, Jim is an excellent pastellist and you will learn a lot with him. We also regularly have watercolor students. We have a professional watercolor teacher attending half of the workshop, and alwasy happy to help with demonstrations and advices.


We have a variety of easels available for students, so you do not have to carry one with you. Loaning easels is on a first come first served basis. We also have large support boards, stapple guns and miscellaneous material.

Other painting material

Some of us are specific enough about what we need. I carry my Viva paper in my suitcase, it is great as a buffer for other material. Since it is light it is a good thing to take with you. In France you will find rolls of paper towels of course, but nothing as soft and absorbent as Viva, French paper towel is poor quality.

Paint thinner

When we pick you up, before reaching our destination, we will make a stop to a large store where you will find paint thinner and otherthings you may need for personal needs. This paint thinner is very low odor as long as we do not recycle it. We have a system in place to dispose of it.

  • Paint thinner jar
  • Stainless steel brush washer

www. artworkessentials.com or other source


You need an umbrella to cut down the heat so you can paint longer, more comfortably from Peggy at www.artworkessential.com
Also from Peggy there is a little tool that is mandatory in this environment. Wet Panel Drying Racks
http://www.artworkessentials.com/products/accessories/index.htm PR-42


We will give you some medium there, Archival Lean, to help accelerate the drying time. It also makes
the paint shine beautifully. You need very little of it, just a few drops in the mixtures for the day.


We will have an 18 x 24 board for each one of you to make a palette. Clip on palette cup you need to take this with you for the medium we will give you

Colors for oil painters

White, one a half to 2 tubes per person
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Orange
Hansa Yellow Orange
Cadmium Orange
Fire Red
Carbazole Violet 1/2 tube
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Sap Green
Phthalop Green 1/2 tube
Quinacridone Red 1/2 tube
Transparent Red Oxide

Payne’s grey+

To resume the things you need to bring with you:

  • Brushes, palette knife, lifter
  • Paint
  • Painting boards
  • Wet panel carier
  • Umbrella
  • Wet panel drying rack
  • Viva paper
  • One large paper grocery bag to be lined with plastic bag for garbage. Hard to find there.
  • A sun hat, we found one at Cosco, large, light, foldable, sun protection, cheap
  • Sketchbook and pencil, exacto knife. We will give you a blade there.

If you want to do some quick watercolor, you can take a small watercolor sketchbook and a small watercolor box. Think of watercolor as color sketching, it should be handy, fun and fast. You are encourage to paint and sketch all the time, including at the dining table waiting for your food.

The things we will provide for you there

  • Easel we have 9 available, first ome first served
  • Support board for mounting panels and for palette
  • palette paper
  • smaller mounting boards if needed
  • Stool, metal foldable
  • Stapple gun and stapples
  • Brush holder
  • Medium
  • Exacto blade
  • Office clips
  • Rubber bands

The things you will purchase there

  • Saran wrap
  • Paper towels extra
  • Odorless paint thinner
  • Garbage bags

Personal items

Dress code
This is truly a Plein air painting workshop, away from the activities of big cities. You need:

  • a pair of walking shoes with closed toes. We walk in the country side around the lavender fields
  • a pair of long, light and easy to wash and dry painting pants and a light long sleeve shirt
  • a light jacket for cool evenings
  • a jacket or wind breaker for cold and wind. we may have a storm.
  • a change of clothing. See above
  • a sun hat

I do laundry for you, everythig that goes safely in the washing machine. Remember that you need to take with you what you need for personal needs. If you have aquestions please ask me, I can give you specific answers.